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Marketing Professional (content and copywriting). Helping brands communicate better.

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Marketing Professional (content and copywriting)

I'm a marketing professional with experience in content writing, blogging, copywriting and product analysis. I have a knack for data, literature, and all things business. Spontaneous, reliable, voracious, and a born leader, I care about trends, sustainability, content, and people.

People who know me describe me as fun to be around (willing to provide references), diligent and observant. At home, I can be found cooking or gardening. I love DIY, have a newfound love for furniture, and absolutely adore animals.

Professionally, I write blogs and copy for multiple SaaS start-ups in the Technology, EdTech, Marketing and Sales enablement domain. I write short blogs of 500-700 words as well as listicles of 2000+ words.

I believe that content is at the heart of a business and only someone who truly understands your customers, prospects and brand identity can write for you. Let me be that person.

You can connect with me over LinkedIn for any work collaborations and inquiries or mail me at sanghavidrishti.work@gmail.com.

Blogs & Listicles

12 Sales and Marketing Collateral to drive revenue in 2021

“Nothing makes me happier than a good coffee on a bad day. Nothing makes me angrier than a bad brochure on a good day.” - Every Marketer Ever. Ever attended a 3 hour seminar where time passes so slowly, at the 1 hour mark you feel like you’re stuck in Deja Vu and you could swear everything is playing out at 0.2x speed in real life? 75 minutes in and you are assured that your late grandma, fictional childhood friend, and unborn 4 y.o could individually do a better job at making that PPT.

The MailChimp Story

It's the early 2000s and it's a wild time. Women dressed in low waist bootcut jeans with slicked back hair and men dressed in boots, oversized sunglasses, and Cargo pants. Why all of us collectively decided hot pink tracksuits were cool (Paris Hilton, we see you) is beyond human comprehension. It is also the time when email marketing companies were charging $300,000 to send marketing messages to their email databases. (Imagine paying someone that much in 2020 to send emails. They'd have to be s

The Workday Story

Say it’s a Monday morning, and you’re craving freshly brewed coffee. One way to go about it is to stop by at your local cafe. Another, is to be an absolute lunatic, buy land in Africa 5 years before this ‘Monday morning’, grow your own beans, process them, and then have them shipped to you. Walking the extra mile is one thing, walking the lunar distance is another. This is the difference between traditional IT infrastructures and SaaS. SaaS - Software as a Service, has been around for quite s

The Freshworks Story

A broken 40-inch LCD Samsung TV, a few strands of pulled out hair, and a ‘makes you punch a hole in the wall’ problem later, Girish Mathrubootham found himself on the receiving end of a brutal and unacceptable customer experience in 2009. As if the broken TV wasn't bad enough, the insurance company then decided to take him on a 'meet the entire customer support department till you are too tired to follow up' ride. Moving countries is exhausting. Combine it with an inefficient shipping company

The Intercom Story

It's 2011, and four engineers and designers are at a Dublin cafe, sipping on coffee and talking about their unexceptional and wonted work lives. This sounds like the title sequence to a bromance, feel-good movie. But in this case, the discussion revolved around a plain gesture. It so happened that the owner of this particular cafe-shop in Dublin remembered all of his customers' preferences! That simple action led to the realization of how impersonal and spammy business had become. If a random

Why content is an integral piece of Sales Enablement

The sales pitch was vile, the case study video was downright painful, and the newsletter, off point ; but the product was lovely, so I bought it. — said no one, ever. Sales enablement content in a nutshell, is the content used for conversion- closing the sales funnel. Over the last 5 years, search queries for the term “sales enablement” have seen massive growth. However, one may argue that content generation is primarily a marketing function, and although they wouldn’t be wrong to think that,

Website Copy

Drishti has been a breeze to work with! She's sassy (and not sorry), research-driven, and extremely creative - the whole package tbh. I'd 13/10 recommend her to anybody looking for help with content! 

- Akshaya, Paperflite (B2B SaaS), Blogs and Listicles

Drishti has played a huge part in the launch of our product ‘final’ on Product Hunt. Among many other things, she also wrote the copy for the landing page. She made the copy witty but at the same time simple and easy to understand. The well defined copy that explained the product beautifully helped us rake in more than 500 sign ups in a few days after launch. I also had many people reach out to me praising the copy and inquiring who the person behind the words was!

- Bobby, guch (B2B SaaS), Website copy and product analysis

It's exceedingly rare to find a fantastic talent like Drishti. She's creative; can find a way out of problems when others have given up. She's never afraid to voice her opinions, loyal to her values and very kind. Drishti's tenacity and can-do attitude will be missed! Any team would be lucky to have her.

- Vaidehi, AIESEC (UN NGO), Content

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