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Drishti Sanghavi

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I love content, causes, cliffhangers, crafting, and unnecessary alliteration.

In my free time, I can be found baking cookies, fixing up furniture, or critiquing things I don't know all that much about. In my natural state, I can be found slouched on a chair in front of my computer, pretending it's the 1960's and I'm a cool lady with a typewriter.

Professionally, I write blogs and copy about Technology, SaaS, Marketing, and everything that interests me.

You can connect with me over LinkedIn for any work collaborations and inquiries or mail me at

Blogs & Listicles

80+ Marketing Campaign Examples

Remember the 2000s when everyone’s parents (and their mothers) were overly enthusiastic about milk? The kind where if something in the mart had milk in it, people wholeheartedly (and oh so naively) believed that it was good for you?

Turns out, 20 years later, no one says that anymore. (And no, it’s not only because people increasingly started going vegan.)

There just aren’t a lot of ‘milk is good for you’ commercials going around anymore—we’ve switched to protein powders and health drinks now—

12 Sales and Marketing Collateral to drive revenue in 2021

“Nothing makes me happier than a good coffee on a bad day. Nothing makes me angrier than a bad brochure on a good day.” - Every Marketer Ever.

Ever attended a 3 hour seminar where time passes so slowly, at the 1 hour mark you feel like you’re stuck in Deja Vu and you could swear everything is playing out at 0.2x speed in real life? 75 minutes in and you are assured that your late grandma, fictional childhood friend, and unborn 4 y.o could individually do a better job at making that PPT.

8 Top Document Management Systems for Small Businesses

As a small business, the #1 advantage you have over your competition is how efficient you can be. But simply storing your data on your desktop, and hoping you’ll find what you need when you need it, isn’t the revolutionary practice that’s going to get you there. A DMS can help you go paperless without worrying about the organizational and security risks of having loose files on your personal drives. Here’s why you need a document management system:
• Organization. Saving your documents is import

The MailChimp Story

It's the early 2000s and it's a wild time. Women dressed in low waist bootcut jeans with slicked back hair and men dressed in boots, oversized sunglasses, and Cargo pants. Why all of us collectively decided hot pink tracksuits were cool (Paris Hilton, we see you) is beyond human comprehension.

It is also the time when email marketing companies were charging $300,000 to send marketing messages to their email databases. (Imagine paying someone that much in 2020 to send emails. They'd have to be s

Piñatas break. Sales pipelines shouldn’t

Ever walked away after signing a “save the environment” petition and felt incredibly targeted? How do these people always know to target the metal-straw-in-her-drink holding, faux leather-wearing, super cool 26 y/o girls walking out of vegan cafes and the flannel-wearing, kind-looking dads with 2 kids on the side and one in hand? It’s almost like having coloured hair is a criterion to be the designated “I’ll sign it” person in the group.

Field marketing and account-based marketing (ABM) works i

What Does a Website Maintenance Plan Look Like?

The 2000s were simpler times. The ability to create spreadsheets was enough to impress people, Keeping Up With the Kardashians wasn’t a thing yet, and to the layman, spam was just food. And here we are in 2021, where a simple google search about your common cold symptoms can convince you that you have terminal cancer.

Humanity has come a long way, and so have websites. A few years ago, a webpage with “Hello World” in hyperlinked blue font, going from the left to right and back, was enough for i

The Workday Story

Say it’s a Monday morning, and you’re craving freshly brewed coffee. One way to go about it is to stop by at your local cafe.

Another, is to be an absolute lunatic, buy land in Africa 5 years before this ‘Monday morning’, grow your own beans, process them, and then have them shipped to you.

Walking the extra mile is one thing, walking the lunar distance is another.

This is the difference between traditional IT infrastructures and SaaS. SaaS - Software as a Service, has been around for quite s

Amicable, autonomous, assertive, eager to learn, organized, smart copy writer, out-of-box thinker and problem solver, strategically gifted and orientated, goal-driven, Drishti defines team player. Anyone reading this should consider Drishti as a key stake holder for their marketing team. DM if you have any concerns and I will convince you how she is capable of contributing to any team she touches.

- Peter Murphy Lewis, Experience Care.

Drishti has played a huge part in the launch of our product ‘final’ on Product Hunt. Among many other things, she also wrote the copy for the landing page. She made the copy witty but at the same time simple and easy to understand. The well defined copy that explained the product beautifully helped us rake in more than 500 sign ups in a few days after launch. I also had many people reach out to me praising the copy and inquiring who the person behind the words was!

- Bobby Isac, guch.

Drishti has been a breeze to work with! She's sassy (and not sorry), research-driven, and extremely creative - the whole package tbh. I'd 13/10 recommend her to anybody looking for help with content!

- Akshaya Chandramouli, Paperflite.

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